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当前位置 首页 泰剧 《女人的觉醒》


类型:泰剧  泰国  2018 

主演:尼替·柴契塔通 Lee Thanat Jakjaan Akumsiri 



Nat Sirsukmaha-anand, M.D. , a neurologist does not only treat the physical diseases of his patients but also their personal problems. Follow along on his case studies of various women with all different backgrounds and personalities yet with one thing in common. They each are in dire need of romance. One wild night after the group of women spill some secrets about their past failures at love between one man they all were fawning over, they make a bet on who can get married first. And it also seems that Nat may have his own personal case study with a guy whom his dating app listed as a perfect match



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